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Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • Ricoh India Limited declares that the product you have purchased is free from manufacturing defects and fit for usage.
  • This warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the product only and is not transferable.
  • The warranty shall be for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase from Ricoh / its authorised channel partner.
  • Warranty type may be On-site or Carry-in:
    • On-site Warranty: On-site warranty is limited to a location, which is within municipal limits of the nearest Ricoh Authorised Service Provider.
    • Carry-in Warranty: The customer location beyond municipal limits will automatically be governed by Carry-in Warranty, which means the customer/ Sl needs to carry the product to the nearest Ricoh Authorised Service Provider, or for service calls beyond the municipal limits the customer has to pay for the engineer visit cost, product transportation charges and any other incidental cost incurred thereto.
  • The warranty on the equipment will cover parts, which in assessment of Ricoh technical personnel, have become defective due to defect in material or workmanship.
  • During the period of warranty, Ricoh shall free of charge, at its option, either repair or replace any parts found defective within reasonable time, during normal Ricoh working hours.
  • Repairs during warranty shall be carried out by company authorised personnel only.
  • Calls registered with Ricoh branch office / Authorised Service Provider, wherein only cleaning of the unit/ parts in the unit due to dust gathering on portions within the unit is required, are not to be construed as defects.
  • The company doesn´t undertake responsibility on the quality of the software other than that supplied with the machines, being used by the purchaser.
  • The company, or its Authorised Service Provider, reserves the right to retain any part/s or component/s replaced at its discretion in the event of a defect noticed in the equipment during the warranty period.
  • Any part of the machine replaced by the company at its discretion, shall be with a functionally operative part.
  • All defective parts removed from the equipment during the period of warranty shall become the property of Ricoh, and Ricoh authorised service engineer shall be entitled to remove and carry away such parts.
  • In the event of any repairs or replacements, standard warranty on the product will continue only for the remaining period of the original warranty.
  • The warranty is issued at New Delhi, and courts at New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over matters covered or flowing from this warranty.
  • The company's obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or providing replacement of parts, which are found to be defective only. At any given point of time, the maximum value of claim/s, if entertained by the company, will be subject to the Maximum Retail Price of the product purchased or the purchase price, whichever is lower.