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Set Numbering

Automatically serialises sets of documents at the touch of a button 

Set Numbering is an automated solution for applying serial numbers to documents. Particularly useful in legal and educational industries, Set Numbering is a cost-efficient method of tracking and controlling large quantities of documents by applying a serialised page stamp in the location and format you wish. It eliminates the need for labor-intensive and error-prone manual stamping, proofing and sorting, while still incorporating the advanced finishing features of Ricoh MFPs. Set Numbering is an elegant solution that saves your institution time, money, and effort.


About Set Numbering

  • Automatically serialises your important documents.
  • Create multiple sets of documents that can be tracked via serial number printed in the format of your choice.
  • Especially beneficial to those in the education & legal industries where document tracking is important.



Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
  • Reduces time and expense related to manual document-stamping, copying, and sorting.
  • With the option of two, four, or six-digit serial numbers, and up to two leading alpha-numeric characters, tracking enormous document sets is fast and simple.
  • Choose the location, font-size, and stamp density of the serial number.
  • Employs all the advanced finishing features available on the MFP, including stapling, sorting, duplex, and booklet printing.
  • Simple, familiar interface is based on the MFP's original menu, providing users an intuitive array of features.
  • Set Numbering can be installed and removed remotely via web-based interface.

Using Set Numbering

Using Set Numbering
  • Set Numbering is installed and configured on each MFP by our trained engineers.
  • Embedded firmware solution means no additional external hardware or software is needed, keeping deployment costs at a minimum.
  • Familiar MFP interface allows implementation with minimal training.