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HotSpot Printing

Provide a valuable service for your organisation or customers with wireless, driverless printing.

Print from your smartphone, tablet or laptop is as easy as 1-2-3 with HotSpot mobile printing with no software or drivers to download and no networks or third -party apps needed, your customers or employees can print by simply sending an email.



Product Overview
People on the move often need to print email, attachments and documents from their internet enabled laptop, smart phone or PDA. Ricoh's HotSpot printing allows you to offer easy, secure, high quality wireless printing.
Added value service for your customers
Allow people to print easily and securely without requiring the installation of print drivers or applications. With HotSpot printer on your premises you can provide a valuable service for your customers, visitors or organisation.
Flexible office environment
Your customers can print from a Ricoh HotSpot printer by simply forwarding an email or a uploading to a website. Plus, because HotSpot printers are not dedicated to wireless printing, they can also be used as a normal network printer. 
Features & Benefits
Document Security & Cost reduction
Prints are held in the printer until released by the user with a PIN unique to each print, providing a secure printing solution for your customer; which eliminates unclaimed documents and reduces paper waste.
Marketing Opportunity
Customisation allows you to provide a webpage with your logo, giving you an ideal opportunity to reinforce your brand.