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Host Printing Translator

Seamlessly integrate Ricoh devices into your current host printing environment 

The Host Printing Translator allows you to seamlessly integrate Ricoh devices into your current printing environment without having to make complex changes to your Host System. AS400 and Unix users will enjoy the benefit of being able to print directly from their host system to Ricoh machines whilst maintaining the integrity of their original print settings.


About Host Printing Translator

  • Host Printing Translator is a cost-effective solution designed to seamlessly integrate Ricoh devices into a customer's existing printing environment and systems like AS/400 and Unix.
  • Replaces vendor specific print commands so there is no need to modify complex host system print settings.



Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
  • Non-Ricoh devices can be replaced by Ricoh devices without modification to the customer's print data stream.
  • Ricoh Printers are immediately ready to be incorporated into the environment with no customization delays.
  • Transparent quality of the solution lets documents be printed as before, without any disruption or change to the layout and format. Even pre-defined tray settings are maintained when you change printers.
  • Embedded firmware in the MFP means no additional external hardware or software is needed, minimizing deployment costs.
  • Ricoh engineers will provide their expertise in configuring the Host Printing Translator solution to match your organisation's current printing environment, saving you time and resources.


Using Host Printing Translator

Using Host Printing Translator
  • Host Printing Translator is installed to the MFP either via embedded firmware (SD Card) or remotely via web-based interface.
  • Ricoh engineers will configure Host Printing Translator for you remotely.