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System Integration Services

Data Center Infrastructure

Server Consolidation - Server consolidation refers to the use of a physical server to accommodate one or more server applications. It makes it possible to share a server’s compute resources among multiple applications and services simultaneously. The primary objective is to reduce the number of servers required in an organization.


ERP Infrastructure – The infrastructure required to host an ERP solution is as important as choosing the right ERP application for your organization. We help you with identifying the infrastructure necessary to host an ERP at your organization.     


Mail and Collaboration – Identifying the exact mail collaboration server required for your organizational needs and helping deploy the same.


Infrastructure Optimizing – It is Microsoft’s structured, systematic process for the assessment of an organization’s IT infrastructure and drafting a roadmap towards a dynamic IT. It helps companies to pro actively identify risks and draft solutions for the same thereby implementing infrastructure optimization initiatives and cutting various costs.


Storage Consolidation - Storage consolidation, also called storage convergence is a method of centralizing data storage among multiple servers. This ensures easier data backup and archiving.


Application and Desktop Virtualization - Application virtualization is software technology that encapsulates application software from the underlying operating system on which it is executed. It appears as if it is directly interfaced and managed by the underlying operating system but can be isolated to varying degrees as per requirements.


Desktop virtualization can be used in tandem with application virtualization to provide a comprehensive desktop management environment.


Server Virtualization - Server virtualization is the masking of server resources, including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems, from the end users. The server administrator uses a virtualization tool to divide or break one physical server into multiple independent virtual servers.


Application Acceleration - Application acceleration uses a multiple advanced technologies to improve as well as increase application performance and response time over network connections. 


WAN Optimization - WAN optimization is a wide array of techniques for increasing data-transfer efficiencies across wide-area networks. The various techniques used for the same are De-duplication, compression, latency optimization, caching, forward error protection, protocol spoofing, traffic shaping, equalizing, connection limits and so on and so forth.


With a dedicated team of highly trained professionals and association with the best technology vendors in the market, we will help you draft the ideal network systems solution and implement the same for the customer.

Endpoints Infrastructure