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Managed Services

The biggest question that comes to your mind regarding managed services is why you need it. Most small and medium scale organizations that need dedicated server solutions to effectively conduct their business are likely to subscribe to managed services. In managed server services, the client or the customer is relieved of responsibilities pertaining to the maintenance of their server or hosting their website on the World Wide Web. Besides, the MSPs (managed service providers) also render IT services, remote data backup, desktop and security monitoring, and technical assistance to the client on a pay-as-you-use basis.


A list of the different kinds of managed services we provide.


  • Windows Managed Services
    1. Application and IIS
    2. Server Migration
    3. Server Management
  • Linux Managed Services
    1. Application and Apache TOMCAT management
    2. Servers and OS
    3. Server Management
  • Managed Email Services
    1. Email Migration
    2. Email Management
    3. Email Maintenance
  • Database Managed Services
    1. MySQL
    2. MS SQL
    3. Postgre