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Remote Infrastructure Management

IT infrastructure monitoring and management is one of the primary focus points for any organization if they are to achieve business success. Ricoh’s highly expert team will help you manage your entire IT environment by identifying problems pro-actively and ensuring quick resolution.

Ricoh’s monitoring and management ensures that any IT problems, hardware related or otherwise, are pre-empted and resolved quickly so to ensure that you are spending more time working on business specific functions.


Allow yourself to free your organization from the headaches and added pressure of maintaining your IT environment by outsourcing your IT infrastructure to Ricoh. We provide support and management of all kinds, software or hardware or any type of application irrespective of the complexity of the same.


You can opt for a trial period before actually subscribing to our services. Flexible payment modes are available with monthly & quarterly payment options. In case the issue cannot be resolved remotely, then engineer would be assigned to visit your location to manually diagnose the problem. Anti- Virus & Anti - Spyware installation & System Scan, OS Update & Patch Management, Remote Desktop Support, 24x7 Trouble Ticket & Phone support, IT infra Inventory Management, HW Vendor Ticket Logging & Co-ordination and Customized Reporting are the various services that you enjoy under remote infrastructure monitoring and management.