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Email Hosting

Online marketing has become an integral part of any organization’s business strategy and a managed email hosting solution is highly important for the same. Many websites do send promotional emails to their registered users and hence require a managed hosting solution for the email server so to ensure that this function is carried out without any hindrance.


Besides, there are organizations that have to deal with high load of emails everyday (viz. travel consultants, trip planners) and need an appropriate email hosting solution to keep their business functions being performed smoothly.


Many organizations prefer hosting their email solution in their own servers while most of them want to have a service provider manage the same. This ensures that they can ensure their email solution is up and running thereby reducing their dependence on their own IT personnel. This helps organize their finances better too as they can have the services at a fixed monthly rental.


Ricoh India provides managed email hosting solutions for Zimbra.


From email migration to email maintenance, we provide all the services to ensure that the customer can concentrate on more strategic business functions.