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Document Management Solutions

With most organizations trying to reduce their dependency on paper files for strategic business functions, the importance of a document management system has increased significantly. With all documents available in digital format in a central repository, the users can just login to the server remotely and have access to the required documents as and when needed.


Most DMS’es in the market is either open source or is excessively overpriced even for enterprise level implementations. Most SMB’s do opt for the open source document management software which helps them perform basic document control but the features that usually come with them are not adequate for a big enterprise.


So how does RicohDocs pose to be a better alternative to the businesses interested in the implementation of a DMS?


RicohDocs has a two-fold advantage over most DMS’es available out there. Firstly, it comes a lot cheaper than other paid softwares and hence burns a lesser hole in the budget of any organization. Unlike others, RicohDocs have a modular pricing model and hence you pay for the features that you want to have.


Secondly, RicohDocs is completely customizable unlike other DMS’es. Every other software available to be used does not offer the option of having it customized to cater specific needs of an organization. Depending on how you want to implement the software, the development team would work to integrate the desired features in the software to make it a tool tailor-made to address your organizational concerns.