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Disaster Recovery

Every organization is very full aware of the threats posed by disasters, natural and systemic, to the financial foothold as well as reputation of the company. Disasters like floods, fires, earthquakes can cause serious outage thereby disrupting the service for weeks, even months. However, if you have a DR site created in a different seismic zone then you can keep your business running even in the face of such crises.


Without a proper DR plan in place, your organization can stand to lose the faith of your customers and thereby cause irreparable damage to their reputation in the market. It might only take days for you to get your system up and running back again, but the disruption caused may affect the mindset of the customers for a long foreseeable time.


Our engineers and technical team would co-ordinate with your IT squad so to diagnose your requirements and draft the best, most robust and fool-proof DR solution for your organization.