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Colocation Services

Most business organizations prefer outsourcing their IT infrastructure to dedicated data center solutions providers so as to concentrate of strategic business functions. Looking after one’s own IT infrastructure is a pain at times as it requires a server room with redundant cooling, power and lease lines. A monitoring and support team round the clock to ensure that the system is up and running all the time.


Co-location means shifting your servers and other infrastructure to the data center and outsource the monitoring, maintenance of the same at the cost of a monthly rental.

  • 27001:2005 Certified Data Center
  • Lowest Latency DC in Delhi & Kolkata with multiple Bandwidth Options
  • Best in class Juniper Routers & Firewall in High Availability mode
  • Clean, Conditioned Power To Servers & Network Devices
  • Flexible Data Transfer | Fixed BW Or Burst-able BW Options
  • Online Real Time Bandwidth Monitoring PRTG/MRTG Reports
  • "N+1" Redundancy Engineering for Power & Precision Air-conditioning
  • Up to 9KVA Power Per Rack with Dual Power Paths
  • Instant Server & Equipment Setup
  • True 24 x 7 Ticket Based Support
  • Fully enclosed and locked Rack Cabinets
  • Strict Access Control with Biometric Authentication
  • Strategic shift to industry leading Juniper Networks core infra
  • Best is Class MacAfee IDS & IPS
  • No 10/100 switching bottlenecks. All Gbps uplinks
  • Advanced remote Infra monitoring tools & Dashboards
  • Multi BSO Uplinks on iBGP