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Cloud Servers

Cloud server hosting services comprise of every single service that an office server provides except that they are provided to the customers on demand through the world wide web. Instead of storing all information in your own server, you can store them in cloud servers and retrieve then as and when you need to with the help of internet.


Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • No need to spend lakhs on servers, networking, power and cooling.
  • Customer can anytime ask to increase vCPU, RAM and Storage. Cloud Service Provider scales up his resources within hours. Hence customer doesn’t have to buy new hardware everytime they want to scale up.
  • Cloud Service Provider makes sure your server is up and running at all times. So you outsource your headache, don’t have to work late night and can relax on weekends.
  • Hundreds of customers are accommodated in one data center. So cloud computing is highly Eco Friendly.


What happens when your office server crashes? You can save your company from significant expenditure if you opt for a cloud server as opposed to buying a new server for your office. With a server, comes added expenditure with regard to plenty of software and hardware for the same. Besides, you would also need IT personnel to regularly monitor your server as well further costs on dedicated cooling and power supply.


Hence, most SMB’s prefer switching over to cloud services so as to cut down on these costs as well as get rid of the added pressure that comes with maintaining an office server. With cloud services, you can release the IT personnel from your payroll as all the monitoring of the server would be done by the provider itself. So by moving all your databases, applications and websites to cloud, you stand to spike up your revenue manifold. Despite initial concerns about security of your information being hosted on server located outside office, cloud computing has made significant breakthroughs in the field of hosting solutions.