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Manufacturing Solutions

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The manufacturing sector in India is at a tipping point, with the recently announced policy directives set to fuel the industry's growth.


While most organizations understand their key technology transformational requirements, the deterrent to implementing it is a lack of clear visibility of ROI by the CXO, hampering his ability to arrive at an informed decision. Further, different vendors or OEMs approach manufacturing companies with a point solution targetting one or limited problem or improvement area. Due to this narrow approach, CXOs face difficulties in assessing the impact of a technological change or transformation at various levels in the organization.


With an entire portfolio of end-to-end solutions for the complete value chain, Ricoh India helps manufacturing companies optimize their operations and improve productivity manifold.


Shop-Floor Solutions

RICOH India’s shop-floor solutions are aimed at improving the most important factors of production:‘Cost’ & ‘Quality’. Greater efficiency & higher productivity in operations leads to optimized cost of operations; while real time, precision monitoring leads to an agile, automated, and adaptive quality monitoring. RICOH’s Shop-Floor Productivity Monitoring Solution helps manufacturing companies achieve higher productivity by connecting shop-floor to the top floor through real time monitoring and reporting of machine performance, productivity, downtimes, production output, etc. Further, RICOH’s WIP Inventory Tracking System is another solution aimed at bringing efficiency in operations and optimizing resources. The solution automates the tracking & reporting of Work-in-Progress inventory in a manufacturing set-up. The solution also ensures identification of various lots of production, identification of product lots within factory premises, and connecting to servers to provide all the information to ERP directly. RICOH’s Machine vision solution automates the quality monitoring and reporting in the production line. The solution is aimed at providing ‘Real time monitoring of quality of the product’ and provide direct savings for the manufacturing companies by reducing scrap & wastages, and reducing the manpower dependency.


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CEO/CXO Offices

Sales & Marketing

RICOH’s solutions for sales & marketing solution completes the value proposition as end-to-end solutions provider for manufacturing organization. RICOH’s mobility solutions provide automation and real time reporting of the last mile of the sales & distribution channel. Capabilities like dynamic sales & purchase reports, real-time order management, on-the-go information on SKUs, etc. are provided to clients through the mobility solution. RICOH’s production printing solutions provide high quality printing solutions for marketing collaterals, brochures, office stationery etc. which enables clients to produce great looking outputs and reduce overall printing time & costs. RICOH’s ‘Mera CRM’ is a fully customizable CRM solution that is adaptive to any organization. The solution is aimed at improving the overall sales productivity by automating the workflows for major functions like sales & territory planning, lead management, opportunity management, account management, forecasting & sales analytics, etc.


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Supply-Chain & Warehousing

RICOH helps manufacturing companies in automating the workflows in the entire supply chain operations, by providing solutions for improving inventory visibility, material movement, storage utilization and manpower utilization, etc. Ricoh’s barcode printing solutions, utilizes the precision and low operating costs of Ricoh printers and multifunction devices to print one or two dimensional barcodes (e.g. Code 128 or PDF 417) and thus improve productivity and optimize workflows. Automatic identification and data capture solutions of RICOH (also called AIDC) utilizes a family of technologies like barcodes, RFID, voice recognition, etc. that identify, verify, record, communicate and store information on discrete, packaged or containerized items. Typical applications include receiving and put-away, inventory picking, order fulfilment, determination of weight and volume, and tracking and tracing throughout the supply chain. Further, RICOH’s Managed Document Services enables manufacturing companies perform remote/on-site end-to-end management of all invoices, bills, and other dispatch documents. The solutions further provides easy Archival, distribution and retrieval facility to clients.


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Design & Engineering

RICOH India provides an entire range of solutions for design & product development. The solution bouquet includes NX™ software, a leading integrated solution for computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE), and Teamcenter® portfolio, the world’s most widely used digital lifecycle management software today. These integrated product design solutions streamlines and accelerates the product development process and enable collaboration & integration of the design process. Further, 3D Printing & Scanning solutions provide rapid prototyping & reverse engineering capabilities to the client that brings innovation at desk of designers, and enable clients to reduce both time & cost to brings new products in the market. RICOH’s wide format print solutions provide provides printing solutions for large-format multi-functionality for CADcentric organisations. Ricoh India’s Drawing Management Solutions helps you to manage the physical drawings in a better way. Ricoh India helps you to archive and retrieve solutions and ensures security and better record management.


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Product Lifecycle Management Solutions

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can bring together all the product information and processes you need in one centralized system. You can take a systems-driven approach to product development to unify your product lifecycle.


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IT Technology Services

RICOH India is your one-stop partner for all the IT hardware and software requirements.


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