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Healthcare Solution - DICOM


Ricoh's Innovative solutions to reduce healthcare costs

Ricoh's innovative solution enables printing medical images such as X-Ray, MRI, (T Scan etc. on a plain paper instead of costly and environment unfriendly X-Ray films and similar media. Ricoh's cloud based solution makes life easier as it allows access to medical images on any smart device for reference and consultations.


Ricoh, a global technology company and market leader offers innovative range of customised solutions for your business needs. Thereby improving efficiency and productivity at work. There's more to possibilities. There's more to Ricoh.


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Ricoh helps AIIMS, Delhi to optimise its IT investments and reduce costs.


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Case Study

Ricoh MPC2003SP printer can print medical images like X-ray, CT, MRI and Ultrasound directly on plain paper.


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