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Library ManagementProcurement/Inventory ManagementGPS TrackingProcurement/Inventory ManagementGPS TrackingProduct Lifecycle ManagementProcurement/Inventory ManagementGPS TrackingProduct Lifecycle ManagementClinical Data ManagementProcurement/Inventory ManagementGPS TrackingPharmacy ManagementTeleMedicineQueue Management SystemTeleradiology/PACSHospital Information management systemTelemedicineQueue Management SystemTeleMedicineQueue Management SystemTeleradiology/PACSQueue Management SystemProcurement/Inventory ManagementMedical EducationWholesaler & Large RetailerMedical Devices & DiagnosticsPharmaceuticals & NutraceuticalsPharmacyDiagnostics CentreClinics & Primary Health CareNursing HomeHospitals


Evolution of technology has stimulated consumer expectations. Search technology has made information ubiquitous and social media has encouraged customers to share their experiences. With increasing high speed internet connectivity and smartphone penetration over next few years, customers will be always connected and enormously informed. This makes the customer even more commanding than ever.


Though the healthcare sector has been bit conservative in terms of IT adoption, the smarter enterprises are devising a holistic IT strategy to serve the growing needs of the empowered customer. The healthcare sector has started realizing that IT adds value to their business and enables a customer centric business model. The healthcare professionals are now increasingly relying on IT to drive the quality of patient outcomes.


Ricoh Healthcare Solutions is a one stop solution provider for all transformational needs of healthcare delivery. This empowers the different IT solutions and applications to communicate with each other and drive patient outcomes.


Ricoh approaches information technology requirements for healthcare sector in a holistic way. Healthcare organizations are increasingly adopting Ricoh Healthcare Solutions to achieve verifiable results such as:

  • Optimizing infrastructure
  • Increasing transparency
  • Improving work-flows and hence operation efficiencies
  • Greater mobility
  • Reducing cost & time
  • Enhancing communication to patient's guardian
  • Virtual expansion to tier-II and tier-III cities via telemedicine
  • Highly secure IT environments
  • Improved healthcare revenue cycle management
  • Digitizing patient data
  • Data analysis with interactive dashboard and actionable insights



Medical Education

Ricoh provides Medical Education support solutions in various domains like Library Management System, 3D Printers, Customized Software Solutions, Web Portals, Email Hostings etc...


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Wholesaler & Large Retailer

This comprises of Inventory Management, Procurement Management, GPS Tracking, Total IT Outsourcing, Barcode Printers and Scanners, providing Desktops and Workstations etc...


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Medical Devices/Diagnostic Equipments


Pharmaceuticals & Nuetraceuticals




Diagnostic Centre


  • Desktops and Workstations
  • Laser Printers
  • Networking
  • Multi-function devices
  • Storage



  • Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • Teleradiology
  • Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS)
  • Digitization of medical images
  • Web portals
  • Managed Document Services
  • Cloud services
  • Software such as Microsoft, Antivirus, etc.


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Clinics & Primary Healthcare


Nursing Homes