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Streamline NX v3

Modular suite provides device management, scanning, secure printing and more

If you’re like most organizations, your scan, fax, print, device management, security and accounting processes don’t exist in a vacuum. You use a combination of these functions to do your work. Shouldn’t your software be the same way? It’s time for a simpler, more intuitive way to work.

RICOH Streamline NX v3 is not a combination of software products rather, this modular suite takes a platform solution approach to address your essential document related process needs. These include device and driver management, card authentication, chargeback, scanning, mobile and secure printing and extensive reporting. Streamline NX users access all functions from a single interface at the multifunction device and administrators utilize one admin console. Because Streamline NX is modular, it can grow with you. When you have user-friendly access to the features, functions and information you need, the result is a complete solution that’s easier for users and simpler for IT departments to manage their fleet and control their output.

Modular suite provides device management, scanning, secure printing and more


Platform solution

Ricoh Streamline NX v3 covers these important areas — device management, authentication, administration & reporting, mobile support, scan & capture and secure printing.
Device management
With Streamline NX, device management becomes proactive rather than reactive — automatically alerting you when toner is low or a device is due for service. You can also perform remote fleet management, batch configuration and firmware upgrades.
Administration & reporting
Use one unified management console to administer all facets of Streamline NX. Access 90+ standard reports and 35+ dashboard reports. Track all user activity by login — and extend tracking to secure printing, scan and fax by adding optional modules. Set user quotas for print and empower your accounting staff to better allocate print costs with chargeback capabilities.
Scan & capture (optional module)
With the Scan & Capture Option, you can convert scanned paper documents into electronic files and route them to email, network and home folders, ECM, fax, FTP and other systems. Connectors provide integration with line of business systems, perform processes like barcode and OCR and handle data input — including mobile and scan-tocloud destinations. Card authentication manages user workflows and regulates scanning.
Improve security while making it easier for users to access Streamline NX. Users can access Streamline NX at the MFP with a network login, PIN or by using card authentication (part of the Scan & Capture Option and Secure Print Option modules).
Mobile support
Push status alerts to administrators’ mobile devices and enable them to view usage reports on-thego. Mobile capabilities grow as you add optional modules. Capture data using your mobile device’s camera and route to a selected folder with the Streamline NX Input Connector. Extend printing capabilities to mobile workers. Support third-party printers registered by QR code or NFC tag via mobile app.
Secure printing (optional module)
With the Secure Print Option, you can enable printing for mobile users and ensure the right people pick up the right documents with locked print for your centralized MFPs and printers. Easily access print queues with card authentication — the Secure Print Option holds your print jobs on the server until you arrive and authenticate at a device.



Key advantages


Single user interface

Users access the same interface at the MFP to securely perform copy, fax and scan functions and to release documents for print. Streamline NX learns individual user preferences and processes to eliminate common steps.

Easy to install and expand

Streamline NX installs quickly, including all modules and capabilities. The solution is scalable to an unlimited number of networked and non-networked print devices. You don’t have to separately install and configure multiple applications to achieve the functionality you need.

Unified management console

Simplify administration with one application to manage both devices and users — including setting color output privileges for individuals and having control over their print, copy, scan and fax permissions.

Rules engine

Powerful printing rules keep workers productive and help eliminate waste and unnecessary cost. Streamline NX can redirect jobs if a device is down, re-route jobs for efficiency and enforce policies such as duplex printing or avoiding color for certain jobs. With the optional Ricoh Streamline NX v3 PC Client, rules can also be enforced with secure print and client delegation print.

Real-time status

You can know what’s going on in your device fleet to avoid surprises and downtime with real-time status alerts, the ability to see devices “at-a-glance” from the mobile administration app or the management console and the option to drill down for more details.

Security & control

Streamline NX supports 15 built-in security roles and allows for the creation of custom security roles plus security by device groups. No confidential data is stored on the server, no passwords are stored and Streamline NX uses Windows® security SQL server connections. Additional security is also provided in each optional module.

Analytics & reporting

Usage reporting helps you make important decisions, such as device placement and assignments. Over 90+ standard reports can be generated automatically and emailed as well as customized. 35+ dashboard reports include key analytics data — such as document usage summary, device usage, power usage and accounting reports.

On-ramp to digital

Bring documents and forms into your digital processes through powerful and highly accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create editable data files. Optional Zonal OCR & Barcode support provides targeted data extraction to support pre-defined routing workflows.


Capabilities at-a-glance

Device management

  • Monitor devices for total print meter, toner, paper levels and other functions
  • Collect detailed meter, alert and status information
  • Service alerts by email (locally generated)
  • Remote fleet management



  • Authentication at the MFP by network login, PIN or user card
  • Single sign-on for all tasks available to the user
  • Authentication with a range of proximity cards, including HID/iClass, CASI-Rusco, Mifare and NxtWtch (requires the Scan & Capture or Secure Print Options)
  • Also supports authentication by Near Field Communication (NFC) and biometric devices (requires the Scan & Capture or Secure Print Options)


Administration & reporting

  • Set roles-based administrative levels
  • Establish printing rules to allow/restrict certain settings
  • Manage user privileges, access and audit user job logs
  • Establish chargebacks and set budgetary account limits
  • Over 90 standard reports — including 35+ dashboard reports and Green reports


Mobile support

  • Device support for many common mobile devices running iOS, Android™, Windows Phone 10 and above
  • Print to remote networks using Mobile Intranet Extenders (MIE)
  • Receive notifications and alerts and manage devices on-the-go
  • Submit print jobs to the Ricoh AirPrint service on an organization’s network - jobs are accepted via IPP/IPPS protocol and credentials, if involved, are exchanged with File Server


Scan & capture

  • Scan & route to email, folder, fax, desktop PC, FTP, ODBC, WebDAV
  • OCR with support for editable formats, including PDF, Microsoft® Word®, Excel® and Word Perfect®
  • Included connectors provide direct scanning integration with Microsoft SharePoint Online®, SharePoint 365® , Exchange® Online, OneDrive® for Business, RICOH Content Manager™, FileNet®, Documentum®, OpenText™ Content Manager and RightFax™
  • Manage user privileges with card authentication — such as restricting the use of color and regulating scanning


Secure printing

  • Easily release confidential documents at the MFP with card authentication
  • Held print jobs are encrypted and can be easily accessed with card authentication
  • Mobile printing support


Administration overview

Manage all your devices

Ricoh Streamline NX v3 discovers the devices in your network and automatically collects performance data. Real-time device status and reports are accessible on tablets, laptops and smartphones, so you’ll always know what’s happening from wherever you are.

Monitor toner, paper levels and other basic device status indicators. Learn about issues before they cause downtime with enhanced error polling. Set alerts for specific devices or certain statuses in short intervals — so you’re able to act quickly. Access to toner and ink histories can also help determine the most effective timeline for refills.


Easily export MFP settings

Batch Configuration saves you time and lets you work with multiple devices at once. Export settings from one MFP to create a template, then “clone” that template to configure similar MFPs. Perform remote fleet updates, firmware upgrades, configuration and maintenance. Control user print settings with pre-configured, prepackaged print drivers. You can modify and set default values, lock or hide specific settings and even set mandatory pop-ups to enter billing codes or authentication.


Extend capabilities with enhancements

If you need to extend the included device management capabilities of Streamline NX, there are several fee-based enhancements available. The SP connector option allows you to program and set the Extended Settings for devices and manage these settings, giving you even more control and flexibility. Set additional levels of authentication at the device, scan jobs directly to the HD storage, personalize the display and more.


Gather insights with environmental reports

The @Remote Connector NX enhancement can help you gather actual usage data that’s easily accessible via web portal. Access to this trending data helps you make informed decisions on fleet efficiency to minimize your print costs. Analyze which devices are underutilized or overworked to balance the fleet. Gain insight into your environmental impact with targeted Green Reports that show corresponding cost savings, trees saved and resulting CO2 reduction. Devices issue their own critical service alerts, communicating directly with your Service Provider to solve problems before they trigger downtime.


Gain advanced driver deployment options

The Advanced Driver Distribution License enhancement gives users three additional ways to download drivers: by browsing the device list, choosing from the floor map view or searching for specific criteria. The software can even auto-detect users’ operating systems to ensure a correct match and successful driver deployment.

Improve security with card authentication

With Streamline NX, users can authenticate at the MFP using the same card issued to access buildings. Choose from a range of proximity cards, including HID/iClass, CASIRusco, Mifare and NxtWtch. Streamline NX also supports authentication by Near Field Communication (NFC) and biometric devices.

Improve the user experience with a single sign-on for all tasks available to the user. No more unauthorized usage or users left guessing which applications they are permitted to access. Issued cards can also manage user privileges — such as restricting the use of color and regulating scanning with the Scan & Capture Option. Card authentication with the Secure Print Option can also help provide users peace of mind when printing confidential documents — restricting access to the cardholder alone.

Improve security with card authentication

Access administration & reporting capabilities

With Streamline NX, you can easily perform common administration & reporting tasks. Monitor printing from the Streamline NX server, copies made at the MFP and scans and faxes completed. Distinguish color usage from black & white and measure output by duplex settings or paper size. Establish print rules to allow/restrict settings and set rolesbased administrative levels.


Enforce rules and manage users

A single interface makes it easy to configure settings, enforce policies, manage quotas and generate reports. You can also manage user privileges and access/audit user job logs. With authentication against external LDAP or Kerberos databases supported, you can manage client user roles and accounts at a global level — including login authentication, privileges and reporting restrictions.


Consult relevant reports

It can be time consuming to piece together usage data. Pre-formatted reports can eliminate these manual calculations and compile data for your entire fleet in an easy-to-read format. With easy access to over 90 standard reports and over 35 dashboard reports, it’s easy to find the information you need. Standard reports cover accounting information, job details and scan usage. Dashboard reports deliver real-time data — including device summary, usage, status and environmental impact — in a visual way. You can also run simulations of future device performance to support resource planning.


Get all the details

Get an at-a-glance view with summary reports, or choose to drill down into the details. It’s easy to customize the level of detail in reports through the user interface. Choose to filter data by document usage per cost center, department, device, user, date or workflow. View device usage by hour, job size, color usage, duplex and more. Discover power usage per printed page and potential cost savings by date, department or user.

Access administration & reporting capabilities

Track activity and enable user chargeback

With Streamline NX’s tracking & chargeback capabilities, you can establish accountability by tracking costs back to the identity of individual users, groups, departments or project codes. Track all user activity (copy, print, scan and fax) initiated at the MFP, from a desktop or from mobile devices. Set user quotas, empower your accounting staff to better allocate print costs and give administrators a platform for configuring chargeback settings.

With the ability to easily track all usage details, you can make informed decisions when it comes time to establish print rules, determine user quotas and set budgetary account limits.


Technical Specification

Server implementation • Core Server

This is the center of Ricoh Streamline NX v3. The admin can access the Core Server from a PC Client to manage the entire system. A single Core Server can manage up to 100,000 devices and up to 250 Delegation Servers.

• Delegation Server (DS)

Managed by the Core Server and responsible for all the processing of jobs, image conversion,delivery of scanned documents, processing of information obtained from devices and enablingthe PC Client software. Each Delegation Server can manage the following — Polling: 10,000 Devices; Device Management: 5,000 Devices; Scan & Capture and Secure Print: 1,000 Devices.

• MIE Server

Required to use the mobile app and submit a print job. MIE Server connects to the DS Server and links with the mobile app.
Server PC requirement • PC: PC/AT Compatible

• CPU: Intel® Xeon Processor 5000 Series 3.0 GHz (2CPU) or above recommended; AMD Athlon X2/Phenom or above recommended; AMD Opteron 4100/6100 series or above recommended

• Memory: 4 GB or above recommended

• Operating System: Refer to the supported OS, DBMS, Browser section

• Database Engine: Refer to the supported OS, DBMS, Browser section

• Virtualization: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V 2.0; VW Ware ESX 4.0; VW Ware ESX 5.0
Client PC requirement • PC: PC/AT Compatible

• CPU: Pentium Compatible 500 MHz or above minimum; Pentium Core2Duo 1.6 GHz or above recommended (2 core 2 thread)

• Memory: 128 MB or above minimum; OS recommended memory size

• Supported Browser: Refer to the supported OS, DBMS, Browser section

• Adobe® Flash Player: Latest version
Server environment • Windows Server 2012 Std/Datacenter (64-bit)

• Windows Server 2012 R2 Std/Datacenter (64-bit)

• Windows Server 2016 R2 Std/Datacenter (64-bit)
Mobile application • iOS 7.0.x or later

• Android 4.4 or later

• Windows Phone 10.0 or later
Admin console client environment • Any environment with supported web browser
Virtualization • VMWare ESXi 5.1, 5.5, 6.0

• Windows Hyper-V Server 2012

• Windows Hyper-V Server 2012 R2

• Windows Hyper-V Server 2016 R2
Browser support • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 8, 9, 10, 11

• Firefox® 38esr
Database support Standard

• Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (Express)

Optional external databases

• Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Standard, BI, Enterprise)

• Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (Standard, BI, Enterprise)

• Microsoft SQL Server 2016 R2 (Standard, Enterprise)
Web services • Internal web server (Jetty)

• IIS 7.5, 8, 8.5