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Intelligent Remote Management System 

With @Remote Office, you can remote manage print devices, optimize device usage and reduce TCO. @Remote Office utilizes a single, thin-server type hardware appliance to collect device data, receive and report service and toner alerts, and enable remote firmware upgrades. In addition, @Remote's secure, web-based reporting portal transforms captured data into valuable reports on population, usage and new Green reporting capabilities.




About @Remote Office

  • The @Remote management system facilitates remote device management for your networked fleet of Multifunctional products and printers
  • Provides remote access to device utilization reporting via a secure web-based reporting portal
  • Intelligent alerts automatically notify service providers of devices needing service and toner
  • Enables remote scheduling and completion of firmware upgrading and device adjustment




Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
  • Anyone looking to eliminate manual meter reads
  • IT Managers seeking to understand what output devices are on the network, optimize these assets and control where and how printer supplies are being consumed
  • Anyone wanting to simplify management of a printing fleet
  • Increased up-time and the ability to match device location to work load
  • Automatic, accurate, timely meter reads and billing
  • Eliminates need for manual meter collection saving hours of labour
  • Usage reporting for the device fleet is accessible remotely from a secure (HTTPS) website using a web browser
  • Ability to optimize for efficiency and cost reduction