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Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE)

Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) makes document scanning and routing easier. Its powerful OCR engine converts your scanned documents into editable files and lets you send them to email or directly to your favorite cloud services – for access to your documents whenever you are on the go.




  • More than 15 free connectors – Many cloud services are available for business productivity, cloud storage, collaboration and CRM. The Integrated Cloud Environment includes built-in connections that let you scan directly to these popular applications. You can save steps by scanning documents into the applications you use right from the MFP
  • Scan to OCR– Ricoh’s ICE turns your scanned paper documents into Searchable PDF, Word or Excel files.  
  • No IT Services/infrastructure required – No server or system integration needed. No IT capitalization needed.



  • Easy deployment because no additional local software is required except for MFP browser
  • Users can directly transfer paper documents to the cloud, reducing physical storage costs
  • Intuitive user interface enables anyone to use the system
  • Trusted Ricoh hosted environment ensures data confidentiality and security