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Sustainability Management Services

Sustainability Management Services

At Ricoh, 'going green' is more than just about social responsibility. In today's economy, environmental issues have real business implications: costs of natural resources are soaring as supplies dwindle, not to mention the European Union's (EU) possible restriction of imports from nations that do not implement adequate environmental measures. This is why Ricoh has committed itself to develop a business strategy with sustainable environmental management at its core.


From green product design, manufacture of energy efficient equipment, consulting to provide our customers with energy efficient office solutions, right down to the collection and recycling of our products, everything we do helps reduce usage of energy and resources, even as we push limits of technology and productivity.


Yes, doing our part to conserve the environment is important, but doing so in a way that gives us and our partners a way to enjoy tangible benefits and sustainable growth is why the Ricoh way makes real business sense.


Ricoh created the concept of total green office solutions as a practical way to channel our expertise in sustainable technologies into real performance gains and cost savings for business.

Total Green Office Solutions

Green Consultancy:

Advice on how to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and reduce paper, power, and CO2 emissions


Paper Reduction:

Ricoh's technology and solutions help reduce paper waste - conserving both energy and costs.


Energy Efficiency:

Ricoh's innovative power-saving and Quick Start-Up (QSU) technologies help reduce energy consumption.


Green Product Design:

Ricoh's product design includes up to 87% recyclable parts, to reduce waste to landfill. Ricoh continues to develop new materials that reduce environmental impact and paper consumption.


Legislative Compliance:

Ricoh is actively engaged in environmental sustainability management to support compliance with environmental legislation at a global and country by country level.


Life Cycle Solutions:

Ricoh actively promotes a society that re-circulates resources from design through to end-of-life recycling.



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