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Managed Print Service

Attaining visibility and keeping control of the entire printing job is crucial for any organisation. After all, this practice helps it save significant amounts of money as well as boost its productivity. This is what you can ensure for your organisation with Ricoh’s Managed Print Services (MPS). In addition, Ricoh’s MPS also helps you improve your document security and environmental sustainability.


Green MachinesWith end-to-end MPS, you can track your entire document environment. It is not restricted to reducing the usage of paper or printing; it is much bigger than that. If your business is evolving, you must opt for advanced MPS which will help you meet your information challenges not only in the current scenario, but also in the future. Since the use of tablets and smartphones has expanded over the past few years, a lot of additional complexities have come up in the print environment. And this is where Ricoh’s MPS help you the most. We offer you a strategy that enables you to track every single print job that is taking place within the organisation.

Ricoh’s Managed Print Services follow a holistic approach for improving the print architecture of your organisation. We help you align the devices with your business mission, and manage everyday services to ensure optimal uptime. By opting for Ricoh’s services, you will be able to ensure fewer prints, fewer devices, improved productivity and lower costs.


Apart from overseeing the entire printing agenda of your business, we offer many additional services. Let’s take a look at them:

  • ConsumablesWe manage, monitor and optimise your complete print output environment.
  • We conduct minute and upfront assessments in order to analyse your existing printing architecture.
  • We are always ready to walk the extra mile to figure out potential problems and solve them, while ensuring availability of supplies so that employees are not affected.
  • We provide you with a definite roadmap, so you can reduce the type and number of printing devices that you have been using.
  • We help you reduce your environmental footprint, by bringing down your energy and paper usage.
  • We always make it a point to enable the improved processes, to help you save both money and time.
  • We ensure secure and easy printing access for your mobile workers.
  • We help train your employees on MPS, so that they can experience a smooth transition through change management.
  • We ensure smooth IT integration and network management.
  • We assist you with our proven track record of deploying the Managed Print Services.


With Ricoh’s MPS, you will be able to actually see the remarkable operational savings, through a single-system view that spans the entire organisation.