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RICOH Pro VC60000

Continuous Form Color Production Printers

The Next Generation of Professional Digital Press

This is a milestone in the evolution of high speed inkjet technology. Built upon our rich heritage of continuous research, development and innovation, the Ricoh Pro™ VC60000 is the next generation of digital press built from Ricoh's technology. It sets a new benchmark for quality, productivity, efficiency and versatility.


The Ricoh Pro™ VC60000 enables a more rapid shift from offset to digital for commercial printers focused on data-driven workflow requiring high-speed inkjet press, vibrant print quality and media flexibility that includes books, manuals, brochures, personalised collaterals, direct marketing and precision marketing. It reduces the make-ready time and speeds-up turn-around, maximises operational efficiency and allows greater control of costs.


Capable of producing nearly 100,000 A4 images per hour, the Ricoh Pro™ VC60000 provides a function-rich total solution for customers who are new to digital colour and for those who want to consolidate and streamline their operations to grow their business. It will enable commercial production printers, in-house and service bureaux to move graphic art applications to high quality digital devices.


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Class-Leading Print Quality

Premium print quality is assured with Ricoh’s next generation of print-head technology and high-density, rich and durable pigment ink, which are the result of 25 years experience in developing core inkjet technologies. The technology of dynamic variable drop-size at pixel level can make droplets as small as 2 picoliters. Combined with the Ricoh’s unique Dynamic Print-head Positioning technology to ensure tight colour registration, it results in a new level of print quality comparable to offset.


Impressive Productivity

Ricoh’s advanced drop-on-demand Piezo print-head and water-based pigment ink print at impressive speeds and resolutions, which help customers to meet tight deadlines faster than traditional printing technologies: · 120 m/min at 600 x 600 dpi · 75 m/min at 1200 x 600 dpi · 50 m/min at 1200 x 1200 dpi · Target volume per duplex system is up to 40 million impressions per month for optimum productivity


Broad Media Range

A broad range of media can be supported, with uncoated, coated offset, inkjet treated and recycled papers from 40 to 250gsm, at width of 165 to 520mm. Optional undercoat module enables printing on offset coated stocks and optional protector-coat module provides a durable ‘scratch-and-scuff’ resistant layer to protect critical documents. Optional air-dryer module speeds-up time with heavy colour coverage applications on offset stocks. From direct-mails, collaterals and books, to postcards, marketing materials and personalized documents, it gives customers more applications to offer to the market and grow their market share.


New Digital Front-End

The TotalFlow Print Server R600A is a Ricoh newly designed and developed Digital Front-End, which supports multiple native data-streams, including PS, PDF, PDF/VT and AFP/IPDS, plus JDF/JMF enabled. It also has a new easy-to-operate user-interface, with advanced colour management and imposition tools, designed specifically for the challenges of graphics-art production.


Comprehensive Solution

The Pro VC60000 can be further supported by Ricoh TotalFlow software suite, including Ricoh Process Director, a powerful and modular software that allows print service providers to automate the workflow of production jobs smoothly and with complete integrity, while retaining flexible control of the production printing processes.


Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are essential for production printing operation. With its modular architecture, the Pro VC60000 supports a variety of configuration options that fit into existing environment to meet customers’ needs now and grow with their business. It ensures graphic-art business can gain enhanced productivity while controlling costs. It’s the ideal investment for printers seeking to ‘future-proof’ their business and to reach new clients with innovative applications.