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Advisory to Ricoh Customers on purchases of non-genuine consumables


New Delhi, 18th May, 2018: Ricoh India Limited would like to issue an advisory, cautioning its esteemed customers while buying consumables (toner, drum, developer, all-in-one cartridges etc.) for Ricoh Multi-Function & Single Function Printers.


Ricoh India has not authorized sales of their consumables on e-commerce websites such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, or any resellers through market place on the above e-commerce sites. Selling of any Ricoh consumables will be considered unauthorized and illegal in nature and in addition, the purchase of such items will not be liable to any warranty by the company. Thus, Ricoh India does not guarantee the authenticity of such items purchased from e-commerce sites in terms of its quality, specifications, price and performance.


Ricoh recommends to procure consumables from our authorized Dealers to ensure the genuineness and quality of the consumables you are buying for your MFP/ Printer. Click below to find your nearest authorized Dealer


Why Its Important to Use Genuine Ricoh Consumables


Ricoh consumables are designed to optimize the printer performance to provide the best quality and reliable printing continuously. Using non-genuine consumables may result in poor printing quality or damaged machine. Ricoh does not take responsibility for any damage due to non-genuine consumables.


Three reasons why Ricoh recommends genuine consumables


Stable Use


Ricoh toner is designed to match the printer structure. By using it, you can enjoy a longer life of the printer, minimizing overall costs. The use of non-genuine consumables can lead to extremely costly situations such as printer breakdowns that are expensive to repair and that disrupt operations.






Non-genuine toner scatters and causes a gear blockage.                                                               Since genuine Ricoh consumables were not                                                                                                                                                             used, toner has scattered inside the printer.


High Print Quality


Using the toner whose properties do not match the machine may results in low print quality. For example, toner adhesion is poor or unnecessary toner particles remain inside the machine.



If you purchase Ricoh consumables, you can be sure you are getting reliable quality since they are subject to rigorous inspections and quality control.


Health Considerations


Ricoh toner is designed to meet the high standards to protect human health and the environment. It complies with ROHS, a restriction on the use of certain hazardous substances.