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ISO Certificates

The scope of certification covers is divided into three parts

  • Corporate Office - Development, Implementation and review of Strategic Objectives and Plans, Processes, Programs & measurement of their achievements.
  • Branches - Marketing, Installation, Servicing of Multi Functional Digital products, Analog photocopiers, Color Copiers, Color Printers, Copy Printers, Laser printers and GelSprinter and supply of related Spares & Consumables.
  • Logistic Centers - Preservation and supply of Multifunctional Digital Products, Analog Photocopiers, Color Copiers, Color Printers, Copy Printers, Laser printers and GelSprinter and Spares and Consumables related to above


The Company has established and implemented systems and procedures in accordance with the standard requirements.


We believe that customers are the reason for our existence and hence maximising customer satisfaction is our main focus. To be the world No.1 Company from the Customers perspective is our vision. To meet this objective our endeavor shall always be to meet and exceed Customer expectations.



Our Quality Policy

Ricoh India Limited is in the business of providing solutions to meet Customers' Document Management needs.


We are fully committed to improve our Customers' workplace efficiency and become their most preferred supplier for Document Management Solutions.


We will achieve this through continuous Performance Excellence initiatives by engaging our Employees and Dealer Partners.




Our Environment Policy

As a global citizen, Ricoh group is obligation-conscious of environmental conservation. In addition, we strive to honor our environmental responsibilities and concentrate group-wide efforts in environmental conservation activities, implementation of which we believe to be significant as our business operations.




  • In line with the Ricoh group Environmental principles, Ricoh India Ltd is committed to protecting and improving environment.
  • Ricoh India Limited shall strive to ensure that all employees are aware of the environmental impact in our day to day operations and in implementing continual improvements to prevent pollution and to make efficient use of energy & natural resources. Ricoh India further encourages its employees, at all level, to have a sense of personal responsibility towards protection of Environment.
  • Ricoh India Limited shall work closely with its customers and green partners in the course of business activities towards promoting environmental conservation.
  • Ricoh India Limited is committed to safe handling, of its products, without the creation of unacceptable environment risks, and will take all necessary steps in this regard.
  • Ricoh India Ltd. shall comply with all applicable environmental legislation & regulations as specified by the Centre and State regulatory bodies.