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Empowering Digital Workplaces

Corporate Overview

What is a Digital Workspace, and why should we empower it?

The paradigm governing workspaces today has undergone tremendous change. The human aspect of work is now complemented with an ever-evolving technological toolkit that allows companies to

  • Boost productivity
  • Improve collaboration
  • Cut workspace costs
  • Harmonize workflow
  • Improve employee satisfaction

We call this the advent of the digital workspace. And Ricoh’s aim is to enhance and empower this space.

Digital workspaces have immense advantages and Ricoh can help you tap into all these benefits, while also tailoring them according to your needs. Our expertise covers all kinds of businesses spanning several industry verticals, be they traditional or modern in their approach.


We completely reimagine your existing workplace through several processes like workplace analysis and design and management-based changes. We implement these to positively transform the way in which you work with the help of our quality products and technological offerings.


Our work also extends beyond the office space ‐ to the front line and the social sphere. By empowering the digital workspace, we foster productivity and generate better revenue. In the social sphere, our technologies can greatly improve services that are crucial for people, like healthcare and public infrastructure.


The Enhanced Digital Workspace in Action

The Office Space


We possess all the technology required to transform your working experience in the office space and enhance communication and collaboration.


Enhancing Work Experience


Our projectors can illustrate how workplace enhancement can be implemented. With their smart presenter technology, your presentations are smoother, eliminating the need to print a single document. Another example is our Interactive Whiteboard, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice recognition technologies are being developed - making global collaboration look easy with multi-lingual support and seamless workflow organization.


The Frontlines


Communication has never been more important, especially when the back and front ends of businesses are concerned. In order to connect the two seamlessly, we offer our visual communication services to support to those in dire need.


Front-line Communication


Remote offices depend on prompt and open lines of communication, especially when they have to reach out to their outlets in urban areas. Seamless communication becomes even more important when industry experts and those who are responsible for consumer satisfaction are located elsewhere.

We also make the management of remote environments easier, leaving you free to focus on other key operational aspects.


Retailing Solutions


First impressions are last impressions, and retail outlets bank on creating a good one on all those who walk in through their doors. They can now optimize their shelf layouts in stores using our image processing technology that captures shelf-edge images. The layout we recommend is data-driven and can be used to boost sales greatly.


The Social Sphere


Ricoh’s products don’t simply exist to transform spaces for efficiency ‐ they also focus on creating holistic solutions when it comes to society at large.


Infrastructural Management


A key area to be examined here is the inspection of infrastructure in the cityscape. Maintenance can be a dangerous task, especially when it comes to bridges, dilapidated buildings and areas with environmental hazards. Moreover, if it is done incorrectly, there’s a risk of violating safety standards and can pose structural problems in the near future.


Ricoh’s drone-mounted cameras help solve this by carrying out thorough visual inspections of these hazardous areas. The pain points identified in the inspection, like the need for repairs or improvements in existing structures, can be tabulated in a report, after which corrective steps can be taken.


Healthcare Management


Healthcare is a crucial sector. Having good medical facilities indicates the standards for the quality of life in any given environment. To support medical care, Ricoh has initiated a joint business development project with Minebea Mitsumi Inc. The project is centered around capturing key medical data from patients using sensors on the patient’s bed. This data is then securely updated and analyzed in order to help with diagnosis and support, whenever the need arises.